Joe Stuckey Wardrobe Stylist's Bio


So who is Mr. Joe Stuckey?  What is the driving factor behind the master mind that has caught the eye of some of the world’s top magazines such as Essence, Esquire, Jezebel, 944, Upscale, and many others?

I had the great opportunity to sit down with Mr. Joe Stuckey, one of the world’s living legends in fashion.  As a true student of fashion, I was honored to have an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Stuckey and discuss his motto for life, which is “LIVE not Exist“. 

Joe is a small town guy, who always had a unique eye for fashion.  His uniqueness and style has always separated him from the pack.  Joe, went on to attend Bauder College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he cultivated his craft and polished off his signature style. ("Classic with a Twist")   After graduating from Bauder College, Joe worked for several high end retail stores where he continued to develop his own style and developed a true admiration for many of the world’s top designers. 

His ability to develop an instantaneous connection with his clients and elevate their style was immediately recognized and garnered him several magazine covers. Joe’s signature style is clean, exotic, crisp, and new age, his preference is for his clients to choose a look or style that is timeless yet unique. 

Courtesy of Ebony Porter-Ike